Monday, September 01, 2008

After three weeks of the 'flu, I feel like I'm finally emerging from the 'flu-haze and returning to some variety of normal. Or whatever normal may be when it still involves having a sore throat that feels like I've been gargling razorblades. Rather emo.

The worst thing about it has been the head fuzziness, which has led to saying things quite spontaneously and without prior editing. This has included describing Bono as a "serially annoying pompous git" to U2 fans and telling a guy who struck up a conversation with me in the supermarket on Friday that he was "gorgeous." Which he was, so that's okay.

But self-editing is a good thing on the whole.

And that's where I end this for today.


SugarPuff said...

as one of those U2 fans - I forgive you. And it kind of made me smile at the time!

Della said...

*lol* Thanks for the forgiveness. But I still stand by the statement!

Hope you're feeling less laryngitis-y. I just keep thinking about blankets, cups of hot tea and a long, long book to combat this 'flu.