Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm not sure what I think about the whole process of groceries.

On Thursday night while shopping, I realised I never pay attention to things at the end of the aisles, or the things on top of the shelves for that matter. When I realised that, I noticed all of the random weirdness. Add to that all of the random weirdness hanging up and down the aisles - foam letters, temporary tattoos, dog groomers, tubs, body scrubs, etc.

And then there's that lovely harsh light in the fresh produce section under which you could perform surgery on vegetables... Although the good thing was that they have feijoas and mangosteens for around the same price as your firstborn. Therefore, I bought some.

I also bought frosting. And cake mixes and food colouring. Enough to hyper-up an entire Kindergarten. Why? Well, hyperactivity can be fun and seeing as things are winding up, why not make rainbow cake? (Although not a diet version.)

Rainbow cake that will be taken to work.

Just wish that gel food dye was easily accessible, otherwise I think I'll have to use loads of dye and I'm not sure what impact that might have on flavour. But nothing that can't be covered up with lashings of frosting, I guess.

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