Monday, September 07, 2009

Finally in (proper) heels!

After months and months of being pretty much a cripple when it came to walking in heels, I'm wearing heels to work today. Proper heels, at that. The last time I wore heels was slight ones with my leather knee-high boots when we went to see Pericles. Before that, it was back in June.

When I first went to the physio after breaking my leg, the first thing I asked him was whether I'd be able to wear heels again. He said yes, but it's taken me months for my ankle to feel up to it. The bone damage in my leg healed within weeks, but the muscle and ligament stuff has taken MUCH longer and is still being annoying. Apparently I pretty much dislocated my foot when the break happened (which, according to the doctors, prevented the break from being a lot worse and in the actual ankle).

Almost all of my shoes are high heels - very practical for the terrain in this area...

And even though I'm wearing these and they have a six-inch heel, I still find it hard to get around in some of my other heels. Particularly these (excuse the quality - the pic was taken with my phone):

The heel's actually about an inch higher than the pair I'm wearing and I couldn't resist buying them because the heel was kind of structural and interesting. Not as interesting and architectural as some other heels I saw recently at the Spencer Street DFO, but not bad.

I just have to be careful wearing all of these shoes.

But it's nice to wear a bit of a heel. Kinda sick of flats... Even if they're cute (and again with the phone pic):


Anonymous said...

shoes, shoes and more shoes!!
Do be careful with those 'skyscrapers'.
Do you have a centipede in your ancestral line?

Della said...

Not sure, but I hope not. Don't really want more legs/feet - it'd just be an excuse for even more shoes.