Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Uber-rainbow cake

^ Post-exam "celebration" cake.

Ended up using a raspberry and cream filling combination, which was a good foil to the sweetness of the icing. Kinda over making cakes for the time being, though. And I'm never making an enormous 10cm-high cake of two cakes sandwiched together again. Even if it's really impressive and stuns every person who sees it.

Cake was tasty, though.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a creation - however did anyone get their mouth around it??
The colours defy description, gravity and anything else

Della said...

The colours do defy a lot of things - allergies to food colourings and hyperactivity included!

It's a little disappointing that people don't get just a tiny bit hyperactive thanks to the cake. Maybe I need to put in more food colouring.

Kezza said...

what a great way to celebrate the completion of your exam! :) We should have it for M's bday - it's coming up Oct 31 Halloween :)

Della said...

*lol* It was a good way to celebrate failing ;)

It's so easy to make, although it's time consuming. Just make sure the guests can all handle loads of food colouring ;)