Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joseph's technicolour dream shoes

^ More uber-heels ;)

I made more rainbow cake today. That's not related to the shoes. It's as a "reward" for the exam some of the people in my department and I did on Friday. An exam made of nightmares and the guts of kittens. At least it's over and now it's time for a cake of many colours.

Just have to work out a filling for the cake and some icing - going to sandwich two cakes together instead of having them separately. Icing's so easy to choose, but cake fillings can be difficult. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are something else!
I thought you were cutting down on the number of shoes in the 'shoe stable'????

Odysseus Snelling said...

Holy Shit!

Another Disney Princess said...

I feel inspired to make shoe cake.

Caramel is always a winner.

Della said...

Anon - I was, but then these somehow came home with me...

Odysseus - Indeed. But I'm afraid you can't borrow them. Even for shirtless performances.

Princess - Ended up making raspberry and cream filling, which is now in the fridge. Will see how I feel about it tomorrow when putting the cake together. Shoulda made more caramel, but ran out of brown sugar :( Also: Shoecake - do it!

Another Disney Princess said...

shoe cake is on the to-do list.

I will create it while wearing uber shoes.

Della said...

Good plan! Take photos.

Or make a big cake and then carve a shoe out of it.