Monday, September 21, 2009

^ New shiny thing. Do excuse the hair close-up.

In other news, I have pre-ordered the new Rammstein album from JBs.

Waxing lyrical, I would say words cannot express the joy and excitement contained within my breast for the new album. Apparently the release date will be October 23 (or somewhere around that time) and I'm hoping the delux edition will be available in Australia.

I was thinking yesterday as I was walking down the street to catch the peasant wagon that of all the things I've bought that I will never, ever regret, the limited edition of Völkerball is right at the top of that list. Totally worth it, even though orders got mucked up and it took me a few extra weeks to actually get my copy.

So, here's looking forward to the new album, Liebe ist für alle da.

*does ecstatic inner dance*

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