Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Placenta ahoy!


Hask placenta for your hair, to be more precise. This isn't about those freaks who make placenta smoothies or whatever. The idea of that just grosses me out in ways that applying sheep placenta to my hair doesn't.

I've spoken about it Hask Placenta before anyway.

People generally find the concept horrifying, until they try it. Well, Clare's probably one of the only people I know who has actually tried it after hearing me rave about it. She converted me to buying the Hask henna and placenta product on the weekend, as well as the normal stuff.

I used the placenta and henna stuff for the first time on Monday night. It's a bit more labour-intensive (no, I don't mean that as some sort of dreadful birthing pun), as it involves hot towels, leaving it for 10 minutes and then rinsing it out.

But it's worth it. Since then, have had loads of compliments on my hair. Including compliments from random strangers while walking down the street or in shops. And people touching it, which is kind of awkward and weird with complete strangers.


Anonymous said...

You toucha my hairs - I breaka your face.
Finger poken ist verboten!!

Della said...

Think I might just have to carry a can of mace or something...

Linley said...

If I could afford to put the stuff in my hair I would think about doing.

However to be fair your hair has always been rather striking.

Della said...

The placenta stuff's pretty cheap from Priceline - the packets are about $4 at the most and the vials are about $3.50.

And thanks! :) It's definitely hair with a mind of its own.