Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creepy cookie o.0

THE creepiest cookie ever. Copyeditor had it at lunch. It looks like the kind of cookie that lurks under beds and eats small children.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

*tries not to think about the cost*


This is possibly the reason why I haven't bought a luxury yacht.

Loads and loads of magazines. Most of them not too bad, but many of them utterly pointless. So, in preparation for the end of this year, I've spent a lot of time this weekend going through every single one of them, cutting out the stuff that will be useful and then making the most enormous pile of the gutted remains, as seen below:

So there we have it. A waist-high pile of magazines. Great.

All of the "useful" stuff (like recipes, photos that inspired me, articles that I enjoyed or whatever) has ended up in seven folders like the ones below:

The height of these, when they're all stacked on top of each other, is all of about 10 centimetres. I guess at least I got something out of them all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Morning, my least favourite time of day

^ This morning has been so gorgeous. The area I live in can is always one people rave about when they visit, and I know it is so beautiful for so much of the year (when it's not Summer, where we have hot days and high fire danger - call me funny, but I don't relish the idea of burning to death or my worldly possessions being reduced to a small pile of ash that could fit in a handbag).


Mornings like this don't make me particularly keen to leave.

Monday, September 21, 2009

^ New shiny thing. Do excuse the hair close-up.

In other news, I have pre-ordered the new Rammstein album from JBs.

Waxing lyrical, I would say words cannot express the joy and excitement contained within my breast for the new album. Apparently the release date will be October 23 (or somewhere around that time) and I'm hoping the delux edition will be available in Australia.

I was thinking yesterday as I was walking down the street to catch the peasant wagon that of all the things I've bought that I will never, ever regret, the limited edition of Völkerball is right at the top of that list. Totally worth it, even though orders got mucked up and it took me a few extra weeks to actually get my copy.

So, here's looking forward to the new album, Liebe ist für alle da.

*does ecstatic inner dance*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Uber-rainbow cake

^ Post-exam "celebration" cake.

Ended up using a raspberry and cream filling combination, which was a good foil to the sweetness of the icing. Kinda over making cakes for the time being, though. And I'm never making an enormous 10cm-high cake of two cakes sandwiched together again. Even if it's really impressive and stuns every person who sees it.

Cake was tasty, though.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joseph's technicolour dream shoes

^ More uber-heels ;)

I made more rainbow cake today. That's not related to the shoes. It's as a "reward" for the exam some of the people in my department and I did on Friday. An exam made of nightmares and the guts of kittens. At least it's over and now it's time for a cake of many colours.

Just have to work out a filling for the cake and some icing - going to sandwich two cakes together instead of having them separately. Icing's so easy to choose, but cake fillings can be difficult. Any suggestions?

^ Looked after the fluffy white doggy again this weekend, which was fun. Once again, she attempted to kill every other dog we saw when out and about (and nearly got blown away in a really strong gust of wind on Saturday).

Monday, September 07, 2009

Finally in (proper) heels!

After months and months of being pretty much a cripple when it came to walking in heels, I'm wearing heels to work today. Proper heels, at that. The last time I wore heels was slight ones with my leather knee-high boots when we went to see Pericles. Before that, it was back in June.

When I first went to the physio after breaking my leg, the first thing I asked him was whether I'd be able to wear heels again. He said yes, but it's taken me months for my ankle to feel up to it. The bone damage in my leg healed within weeks, but the muscle and ligament stuff has taken MUCH longer and is still being annoying. Apparently I pretty much dislocated my foot when the break happened (which, according to the doctors, prevented the break from being a lot worse and in the actual ankle).

Almost all of my shoes are high heels - very practical for the terrain in this area...

And even though I'm wearing these and they have a six-inch heel, I still find it hard to get around in some of my other heels. Particularly these (excuse the quality - the pic was taken with my phone):

The heel's actually about an inch higher than the pair I'm wearing and I couldn't resist buying them because the heel was kind of structural and interesting. Not as interesting and architectural as some other heels I saw recently at the Spencer Street DFO, but not bad.

I just have to be careful wearing all of these shoes.

But it's nice to wear a bit of a heel. Kinda sick of flats... Even if they're cute (and again with the phone pic):

^ Pretty moment of late-afternoon sun on the weekend.