Sunday, September 04, 2011

Feeding the addiction

Went to the local Bunnings today on the way to a 70th birthday party. They sell the occasional venus flytrap and small sarracenias, but usually it's all the same sort of stock. So it was just curiousity today, I guess. Turns out they had a few different types of sarracenia. So I bought three of them. All small stock - about 7cms or so I think. But unfortunately, they're just under the Gobble Guts label. And Gobble Guts never seems to actually put names for the plants on there, which is kind of annoying.

Still, they're interesting small plants, and I'm wondering whether the one in the top photo will grow to be tall like some of the other sarracenias, or if it'll stay small but decorative as it is now. The middle one is some kind of sarracenia psittacina, I think. Not sure about the bottom one (which is only slightly opened), but it's probably another hybrid of some variety.

The lady at the counter had no idea what the plants did, and asked me loads of questions about them. It was kind of fun to talk about what they do and how they work to someone who was really interested in them. After finding out that they do just fine indoors, she said she would love to get some to keep on the kitchen windowsill. So hopefully if she does get some, they behave well for her! :)

In other thoughts, the ants have been going crazy for the really nice tall pitchers lately. Must be something they're secreting or something like that.

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