Friday, September 02, 2011

Sarracenias and things

The sarracenia in the bottom pic has a nepenthes spathulata x hirsuta in the background. I accidentally bought two spathulata x hirsutas a while ago, and decided against trying to swap or return the smaller one because I'm hoping it's slightly different to the other, larger plant. Some genes might be more or less dominant in it, who knows. It'll be interesting to see.

Also, the spathulata x hirsuta both have grown pitchers on every single leaf they've produced. It's pretty impressive, because the only other nepenthes I have that has done that so far is the one I called Morticia (I think it's a nepenthes northiana x maxima). The other pitcher plants grow pitchers on most of their leaves, but not all. And the alata in particular seems to be temperamental about this, even though it's grown to about four times the size it was when I bought it.

Anyway, back to duplicates of plants. The same thing happened with two of the sarracenias I have planted in a pot with a drosera, venus fly trap and some other sarracenias - bought two of the same type, but don't really mind too much. They're quite pretty with the pink/purple veins through them when they get more sun exposure.

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