Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day One

Earlier this year, I gave myself the challenge of A Month of Mobile Photos, following on from reading Photo Radar's 32 Photo Projects for 2011. Obviously, I got distracted after that and didn't do any more "Month Of..." challenges for myself.

But I thought that seeing as I have so many pairs of shoes, maybe I should try to do a month of photos of them. Or maybe more, if I decide to go through every pair of shoes that I own. Which could be interesting. Hmm. Tempting. But we'll start with just trying to do a month of these posts. I'll see if I can keep interest in it, or whether it becomes tedious.

At the moment, I've just got some photos of some of my older pairs of shoes, most of which were from Target (you know, in the good old days when Target actually had nice shoes, did designer knock-offs, stuff like that - why don't they anymore? They have the ugliest shoes at the moment. That said, everywhere has ugly shoes. It's like a plague of ugliness in beige and tan for every foot).

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