Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sarracenia flower bud

^ Went down to the nursery that sells carnivorous plants on a whim this afternoon. They actually didn't have much in stock. And their nepenthes were up high out of reach, which was a shame. There was a ventricosa x spathulata that looked kind of interesting. Still, really shouldn't get more of those. I'm actually hoping to get more sarracenias now. They are equally fascinating and I love the way the veins go all kinds of interesting colours.

Plus I should give more attention to the nepenthes I own. The tobaica x ampullaria isn't looking all that great - the leaves it's growing are really, really small. If anyone has any ideas of how to improve that situation, let me know! It's the only nepenthes I've bought that hasn't thrived, although I had wondered whether it would survive when I bought it because it was half dead then.


Back to the nursery. Not much stock, and what was there, I already own plants of. However, there were a fair few sarracenias with flower stalks and buds on them, which was pretty exciting. I bought one, although there were two others that really interested me (but I've already got those kind).

Really beginning to thing that carnivorous plants are an addiction >.>

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