Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day Eighteen

Last week, I ordered some ballet flats from Oliver + Co after finding out about their spring sale. Since breaking my leg and wrecking my ankle the other year, I've been more keen on flat shoes. Never used to be, lived in heels, but that's all changed. And the struggle now days is to find cheap, cute flats that look good AND feel comfortable for when you walk a lot, rather than just sitting around looking pretty.

There used to be far more adorable flats in low price ranges back in ye olde days when Target and K-mart were doing knockoffs and generally making cute shoes (if you cast your mind so far back as to say... oh... 2008). You can sometimes find cute, comfy flats in other stores too. But I think to end up getting quality now days, you need to pay for it.

That said, I will admit that I waited until Oliver + Co had a sale.

But I'm really happy with the shoes I bought from them. Especially the ones called Frank - they're described as "stunning banana and pink floral flats." Banana is about right for the colour description. The bright colours are really cheerful and a little bit retro. They aren't the shoes in the photo - I'll take a pic of the Frank ones later. The ones in the photo above are called Fred.

And had I mentioned that I love the names the shoes have? They all sound a little 1950s, a little old-world, and I am absolutely going to wear my pair of Matilda flats while I read Roald Dahl's Matilda at some point.

Actually, that gives me an idea for how to take the photos for that pair.


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