Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Away, away, away down south in Dixie

Yes, I have been away, doing other stuff, venturing off into the outer suburbs, buying red shiny things (red AND shiny is a great combination), being somewhat domestic and sheltering from the INSANE weather that's ranged from gale-force and wild to storm-force and wilder.

I bought Our Mutual Friend on Friday. After months of wishing it would magically appear in shops instead of me having to organise to order it, I bit the bullet and ordered it in. It arrived Friday and I picked it up with exceeding great joy in my heart. Am about half-way through and am enjoying it more than I did the first time I read it.

Also... Day Watch! It is mine! And it is meh. It probably could have done with an extra half-hour of plot to help it along. Or maybe I should read the books instead of just watching the movies. Also, Yegor annoys me and Zavulon looked more like someone's uncle than the leader of the Dark Others.

Naps are things I really need to avoid.

It's strange when you go to a sale and buy nothing that is actually on sale. Even the store manager joked about that with me and I did feel a little silly. But when the things on sale don't make you covet them, it's better to pay full price for what you do want.

There's something nice about being given cake at the post office. It made paying bills so much less painful. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing it was, too.

The house is still a chaotic mess. Must finish putting the art stuff away into some sort of ordered order. And the clothes. And the washing up. Err... Everything.

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