Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finished watching Midsommer Murders and Rage appeared on the screen. Pennywise are hosting tonight/this morning and happened to utter the magic word of "Rammstein."

Immediately went to the playlist site, only to discover that it's only ONE Rammstein clip they're going to play. And it's from Live Aus Berlin anyway, and what self-respecting Rammstein fan doesn't have that already?

Anyways. It's all punkstuff and so far tonight all it's done has reminded me of how seriously I adored punk things when I was little. I would have been around six or so and I secretly and earnestly wanted the stereotypical safetypin piercings when older. The leather, the studs, the Britishness, the mohawks, tattoos, ripped jeans, those canvas bags everyone used to black texta up.

Which is a little odd, in retrospect.

I think it was all just the look - definitely too young to understand the anarchy/anti-authoritarian side of things at that point in time. Or even what the words "anarchy" and "anti-authoritarian" meant.


Perseus said...

You sell-out breadhead. I'm 39 and 'Anarchy In The UK', 'I'm Stranded' and 'Dead Joe' all still stir my loins.

You can wear nice clothes and still rock out.

Della said...

I know, I never realised I was selling out that early in life either! Depressing.