Friday, July 04, 2008

Things I Did Not Need To See #4583:

Old bogan ladies on the bus showing eachother photos of themselves nekkid and giggling away about it like schoolgirls. One of the old ladies had what was practically a goatee, which Clare has suggested might mean it was post-op photos. I think it might just be a revelation of what the bearded lady is doing post-retirement.

Other than that, today was quite pleasant.

An old lady commented on how she simply had to say how she admired my hair, everyone on the bus near the end of the trip ended up singing along to Stuck in the Middle With You (which on reflection is a little surreal), the sun was shining and who knew of the horrors to come?

I'm also just over half-way through Our Mutual Friend. The problem with reading Charles Dickens novels is that once you reach somewhere around the middle-point of the book, you realise you're on the "downward" slope to the conclusion. His writing is just so enjoyable that I don't want it to end.

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