Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm still not certain what to think of The Hollowmen.

I keep persisting with it week after week, hoping it'll be more interesting. The first episode didn't inspire me, but subsequent ones haven't been too bad. Not great, but not appalling.

I remember Frontline, it's still good more than a decade later, but The Hollowmen isn't really of the same quality. Perhaps it would have been a bit better if it was around election time last year. Maybe the endless meetings make me think too much of endless meetings that often seem quite pointless.

Tonight's episode is annoying me with the whistling thing because it reminds me of that ad for Foxtel or whatever it is with the guy who whistles over technological advances made in TVs. And which makes me stabby.

Perhaps some of the feeling of "meh" about The Hollowmen has to do with going a bit cool on politics of late. At least the Liberals have gotten on board with the climate change thing, after much floundering around by Brendoc (who ended up looking rather stupid, especially since what's being agreed to is basically what the government under John Howard was proposing last year).

I just hope it'll bring an end to him mentioning "emissions" all the time. Or "emissions showdowns" being mentioned in the news.

Emission line.

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