Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today's adventures were... adventurous...

*yawns prodigiously*

*lil' smile*

The above are some of the photos taken on travels.

One of the less adventurous things included the following exchange between myself and two guys at Spencer Street station:

Guys: Baby, your stockings look so good! They'd look even better around our necks.
Me: Like a noose?
Guys: Bitch.
Me: Yes.

Wednesday Addams, eat your heart out.

My hair still smells like cigarettes, which probably won't come out until I wash my hair. The smell reminds me of the most awesome fun afternoon with friends (who smoke, I don't - I'm a "good girl" apparently, which comes in handy sometimes).


watson_vagabond said...

lol, adele, you're genius. love the dialogue.

[in other, random news, the computer wants me to type in "whiqy" for my comment to be published...not that whiqy has any significance whatsoever...just looks funny...anyway, back to "working" and typing "whiqy"]

Della said...


Hmm... Whiqypedia?

My thing is ynfprdal. That has even less significance.

I'm not sure where the inspiration for "Like a noose?" came from. Perhaps from having to get out of bed at 7.30 on a Sunday morning, walking in the cold and rain and some weird guy staring at me intently on the train.

Ben said...

That was classic. It's the kind of thing you'd usually think of and wish you had said 20 minutes later.

Della said...

*bows* Thanks!

Those are the sorts of things that come to mind later, definitely. And yet sometimes they manage to make their way out. Usually when you don't actually think about a response and it just comes out.

Then afterwards you think, "Uh-oh! Are they going to kill me now?"