Saturday, July 26, 2008



More photos.

I know that's all I've been posting lately, but there has been a serious lot of writing for work of late and that means I don't feel like writing anything in my spare time.

And there are more photos to come tomorrow. Lucky you, readers. Lucky you.

In other thoughts, I'm loving The Bill lately. But then any storyline with Smithy will make me happy - the guy who plays him is so cute. The whole story relating to Carly and her murder has been really well done.

Although the foam bricks that squish when the wheels of the cop car go over them in the riot scene just made me giggle at the most inappropriate moment.

Squishy foam bricks aside, the riot thing is actually kind of scary. Actually, not just kind of. Very. But Smithy's here now, so it's alright. I shall gaze upon him as he lays into the riot organiser.

And once more in other thoughts, I saw Peter Garrett today. I'm like, "Wooo... Oh my God, that shiny man is Peter Garrett!" It was very shiny indeed.

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