Friday, July 18, 2008

Random thoughts from public transport

Goths in bad hats. Skinny, skinny man in winklepickers and jeans so tight his legs look like blackened matchsticks. Schoolkids. Gossip. "Crack open the coke. I don't mean the crack coke, just coke." The goth with the green umbrella, purple nails and a cheap wallet. A goth girl with awesome shoes that I seem to remember being in Target or something a year ago. Them talking about loving to dance Nutbush. Smoking teen looking weird. Modelesque girl in a flannel jacket - why does anyone think flannel jackets are any way at all flattering?

I'm over the peasant wagon.


Kel said...

hankering for own wheels are we?

it's nice to have that option, but i tell what, with the cost of fuel at the moment, having the option of public transport would be nice

we have no such option here in regional victoria, where we also have the highest petrol prices in the state . . . go figure

Della said...

Mmm, it's pretty crazy how much petrol costs. I'm getting rather tired of the fuel debate, though - why not inject more funding into alternative energy? Would make sense. Seen quite a few Priuses around lately.

Shame you don't get the option in regional Vic :( Especially for all of the things you can overhear on public transport! It's a goldmine out there.