Thursday, April 27, 2006

"O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on." - Willian Shakespeare

Jealousy kind of scares me. It's something I kind of really don't get into ~ it's not worth it, because, as I read somewhere once, it means that you die a thousand little deaths every time you consider those you are jealous/envious of. Maybe it's just because life's kinda given me things that I'm content with or something. Who knows.

But in others? I find it puzzling sometimes and scary other times.

I'll never understand why people are jealous of their partners having friends of the opposite sex. It's like they're almost telling you that they're suspecting that you'd have an affair at the drop of a hat. Or people who get jealous of what others own. Hey, save up your own money and budget and whatnot and buy your own if you have that desperate a need. Or people who are jealous of the achievements of others ~ everyone's good at different things, so why worry if you're not as good at one thing as someone else is? :)

Jealousy is silly. It wastes time and hurts people ~ those who are jealous and those who others are jealous of or whatever.

The Bible tells a story about jealousy in 1 Kings 21, where a guy called Naboth owned a vineyard that the king at the time really wanted. So the king's wife came up with a plan so that Naboth would be killed and they could take the vineyard. Naboth's bumped off, they take the vineyard and God sends Elijah to tell them off for it. King Ahab does humble himself before God after he's told off, but he's already had someone killed... All because he was jealous of what Naboth owned.

Suggestions instead of getting jealous? Think about the good stuff in life that you have. Don't focus on what other people are doing because otherwise your own life just ends up rushing past you and you miss out on all the fun that you thought they were having yourself...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nearly 20 years on... we've learned nothing?

Signs bearing the names of towns decimated in the Chernobyl disaster hang in Kiev's Chernobyl museum. AP

Watchdog accused of covering up Chernobyl death toll, Sydney Morning Herald, April 20.

Alright, so it's Greenpeace doing the accusing and a lot of people don't take Greenpeace all that seriously (odd, isn't it, that we don't trust people who are trying to do the right thing for the environment, while we are more comfortable with accepting the word of companies that churn out loads of toxic gasses, test on animals, club seals to death, etc).

But let's be realistic! And remember that the report that Greenpeace commissioned was done by 52 independent scientists (read the Greenpeace press release here and more about the report here) (and while you're about it, there's a great Bulletin article here that focuses on the UN's report).

To quote from the SMH article: "The Chernobyl Forum, a group of eight UN agencies, and governments from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, estimated an eventual death toll of only a few thousand as a result of the April 26, 1986, explosion at the power plant in the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl."

Would you really think that only 56 people died as a direct result of the meltdown and subsequent explosion as the UN agencies, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, claim? And that the maximum number of deaths would be around 4000? Kind of hard to accept, especially when 250 times the amount of radiation was discharged in the accident than that released by the nuclear bomb America dropped on Hiroshima, which had an estimated figure of 118,661 civilian deaths from August 6, 1945, up to August 10, 1946.

And the UN report also suggested "health problems in the region were connected with heavy drinking and smoking and a culture of victimisation." Nice. Blame it on the locals and ignore the damage that nuclear power has the ability to create given the wrong sort of circumstances. Did the UN take lessons from the Soviet regime about "underestimating" disasters? It just seems that governments are so desperate to use nuclear energy that they're willing to ignore and dismiss legitimate concerns about it, as well as huge problems that have come up in the past.

At what cost in terms of human lives, displacement, deaths of animals, environmental destruction, loss of livelihood, etc comes "cheap" nuclear energy?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

As the poets have mournfully sung,
Death takes the innocent young,
The rolling-in-money,
The screamingly-funny,
And those who are very well hung.
—W. H. Auden

Why does this always come to mind these days when I hear that someone has passed on? Oh dear...
I Think I'm Paranoid

You can look, but you can't touch
I don't think I like you much
Heaven knows what a girl can do
Heaven knows what you've got to prove

I think I'm paranoid
And complicated
I think I'm paranoid
Manipulate it

Bend me, break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you
Bend me, break me
Breaking down is easy
All I want is you

I fall down just to give you a thrill
Prop me up with another pill
If I should fail, if I should fold
I nailed my faith to the sticking pole

I think I'm paranoid
Manipulate it
I think I'm paranoid
And complicated


I think I'm paranoid


Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me
Maim me, tame me, you can never change me
Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me
Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me

Bend me
Break me
Anyway you need me
As long as I want you baby it's all right

Bend me
Break me
Any way you need me
As long as I want you baby it's all right

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Midnight snacks in the mausoleum

I've come to the conclusion that I'm really just not a romantic.

Sure, I've softened in my avoidance of romantic kind of things and occasionally have those warm fuzzy feeling moments with cute movies or whatever and yes, definitely fall in love and whatnot, but I'm not all misty-eyed about things.

Anyways... Was casting my mind back to some guy I know who told me once that he'd get my heart and I replied with something like, "What, by killing me and ripping it out of my chest?"

In hindsight, that may not have been quite the romantic response that was called for in that kind of situation.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Celebrity Sadness

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Gedeon Burkhard!

He used to be in Komissar Rex, which is this awesome Austrian cop show with a dog as the main character. It's in German, we used to watch it at school and I totally had one of those celeb crush moments on Gedeon Burkhard, who played Inspector Alex Brandtner.

He was gorgeous! You know, the whole tall, dark, insanely handsome, clean-cut thing that's just so hard to resist... *mmm*


But I found some photos of him recently, years on from his days on Komissar Rex, and I seriously wouldn't have known him if I fell over him in the street o.0 He kinda looks like... well... dunno... he should be clutching a bottle in a brown paper bag and lying on a park bench somewhere? *sigh*

It's so tragic to have those moments!

Although it does reflect how shallow celebrity crush moments are. Still, why not drool a bit over how totally gorgeous he was back in the day... *teehee*
While out shopping today, I noticed something rather disturbing and sinister...

The Cute Hair-Flick.

And it was me doing it!

Arrghhh! You know the sort of cute hair flick accompanied by a lil' smile and then somewhere along the line you expect a duet with a bluebird about a rainbow and some sunshine and then there's nothing for it but an AK-47.

Not sure where The Cute Hair-Flick was picked up, but it must be put down again.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Celebrity crush moments.

How sad are they!

But Matty Primus is so definitely the hottest man in the entire sporting universe... *teehee* So I just had to share this moment of sporting goodness with you all.

Amazing how things like that can really sway who you barrack for in the AFL ;) And it's weird, but one of my friends has a new g/f and I met her last night (that's not the weird bit). She likes Port Power too! So that's all good. And she's like, "I can see why he always says you're a cool chick!"

Awww... *blush*

My friends are freaking awesome! :D

Thursday, April 13, 2006

How cute is this!

It's a £32,500 green dementoid garnet and diamond brooch. Thanks to Bentley & Skinner (which has quite possibly the most beautiful jewellery in the history of mankind displayed) for the pic.

Trawling through all of their jewellery suddenly reminded me of a ring I have and have NO IDEA WHERE IT FAAAAAAAREAKING IS!!! So I'm going to have to hunt around at home for it, because I'm kind of worried that I may have somehow, somewhere, been unburdened of it, which would suck because it belonged to my Nanna (and then there's the whole diamond/saphire issue, too... eep).

I hate missing things!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I saw this comment somewhere today and definitely had to copy it down and post it here for all the ages, yea, even until the end of eternity...

"You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thank goodness for Monty Python

Because we were poor. My old Dad used to say to me, "Money doesn't buy you happiness, son".
Aye, 'e was right.
Aye, 'e was.
I was happier then and I had nothin'. We used to live in this tiny old house with great big holes in the roof.
House! You were lucky to live in a house! We used to live in one room, all twenty-six of us, no furniture, 'alf the floor was missing, and we were all 'uddled together in one corner for fear of falling.
Eh, you were lucky to have a room! We used to have to live in t' corridor!
Oh, we used to dream of livin' in a corridor! Would ha' been a palace to us. We used to live in an old water tank on a rubbish tip. We got woke up every morning by having a load of rotting fish dumped all over us! House? Huh.
Well, when I say 'house' it was only a hole in the ground covered by a sheet of tarpaulin, but it was a house to us.
We were evicted from our 'ole in the ground; we 'ad to go and live in a lake.
You were lucky to have a lake! There were a hundred and fifty of us living in t' shoebox in t' middle o' road.
Cardboard box?
You were lucky. We lived for three months in a paper bag in a septic tank. We used to have to get up at six in the morning, clean the paper bag, eat a crust of stale bread, go to work down t' mill, fourteen hours a day, week-in week-out, for sixpence a week, and when we got home our Dad would thrash us to sleep wi' his belt.
Luxury. We used to have to get out of the lake at six o'clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of 'ot gravel, work twenty hour day at mill for tuppence a month, come home, and Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle, if we were lucky!
Well, of course, we had it tough. We used to 'ave to get up out of shoebox at twelve o'clock at night and lick road clean wit' tongue. We had two bits of cold gravel, worked twenty-four hours a day at mill for sixpence every four years, and when we got home our Dad would slice us in two wit' bread knife.
Right. I had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad and our mother would kill us and dance about on our graves singing Hallelujah.
And you try and tell the young people of today that ..... they won't believe you.
They won't!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Learn the Cole technique for relaxation and comfort by Henry Lebovic.

Hmmm, some really useful tips there! ;)

And I think it's great that everyone involved in the Australian Wheat Board thing, from the government to company executives, all have the same excuse. "I knew nothing/didn't see that/hadn't heard about it/I didn't know." Consistency being such an important thing... *ahem*

All of this is soooooooooo like Bart Simpson's "I didn't do it" line that suddenly becomes what everyone says when they do something wrong, even though they know they've done something bad.

The 4 Corners report on the AWB/Cole Inquiry/Federal government involvement thing with illegal kickbacks paid to the Iraqi regiem is on at the moment. Although I've been finding it highly frustrating (dishonesty is always disgusting), it's more disappointing than anything else.

Disappointing that lies are more important than the truth. Disappointing that money wins out over people's lives. Disappointing that Australian wheat farmers and Iraqi civilians are being screwed out of things. Disappointing that the government willfully ignored (perhaps participated in it anyways??) evidence that said that the AWB was doing a variety of illegal things. Disappointing that so many things were going against UN sanctions and the government happily ignored it all.


I love Lano & Woodley! Just watched The Pool, and was almost crying with laughter (for the millionth time) while watching it (for the millionth time). It's just so funny! Especially with all of the Penguin Man stuff... ("Penguin Man's crap." "You take that back! You take that back!!" *smack, smack, smack*)

So thanks, Frank and Cole! Thanks for years of laughter :D And yes, it's sad that this is the final year that they'll be working as a comedy duo, but heh... I have my The Complete Adventures of Lano & Woodley DVDs, so all is well in the world!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

...Lord Nosh stood upon the hearthrug of the library. Trained diplomat and statesman as he was, his stern aristocratic face was upside down with fury.
"Boy," he said, "you shall marry this girl or I disinherit you. You are no son of mine."
Young Lord Ronald, erect before him, flung back a glance as defiant as his own.
"I defy you," he said. "Henceforth you are no father of mine. I will get another. I wil marry none but the woman I love. This girl that we have never seen--"
"Fool," said the Earl, "would you throw aside our estate and name of a thousand years? The girl, I am told, is beautiful; her aunt is willing; they are French; pah! they understand such things in France."
"But your reason--"
"I give no reason," said the Earl. "Listen, Ronald, I give you one month. For that time you remain here. If at the end of it you refuse me, I cut you off with a shilling."
Lord Ronald said nothing; he flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions.
As the door of the library closed upon Ronald, the Earl sank into a chair. His face changed. It was no longer that of the haughty nobleman, but of the hunted criminal. "He must marry the girl," he muttered. "Soon she will know all. Tutchemoff has escaped from Siberia. He knows and will tell. The whole of the mines pass to her, this property with it, and I - but enough."
He rose, walked to the sideboard, drained a dipper full of gin and bitters and again became a high-bred English gentleman...

Gertrude the Governess, Nonsense Novels by Stephen Leacock, 1911.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Okies, it's probably weird, but tonight's news story about the Australian government (in particular Alexander Downer) telling the Australian Wheat Board to cover their rear ends months before crisis management was working with the AWB before the United Nations/American government started raising public alarms over the AWB's behaviour got me thinking about whether the Governor General could dismiss the parliament.

I guess I'm thinking a la GG Sir John Kerr's dismisal of Gough Whitlam in 1975 (quick summary of Whitlam's dismissal here). So the reasons with that were entirely different, but if the government has been so blatantly, obviously and corruptly lying for years?

Hmmm... Yes, yes, you could say that all politicians are lying creeps, but this whole AWB thing is crazy.

The GG has reserve powers to appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister under section 64 of the Australian Constitution (have a look at the Atourney General's Department on the Australian constitution). So does that extend to cover the government encouraging corruption? Encouraging bribery?

*shrugs* I dunno.

Prolly too many things for the wisdom teeth (yay Advil), too little sleep and too many tears over three now-dead little mice that have gone to the other side since yesterday (altho it's a good ad for the mouse traps).

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme...

Hope you've had your Crusi-Bix??

This is where random conversations and misheard things can lead you... My office-mate Scott and I were talking about something, he thought I said "Christ-Bix" when I said "crusifix," so we thought it would make a good new Sanitarium product, worthy of photoshopping.

But then we thought "Christ-Bix" might be kinda blasphemous... so we brainstormed and came up with "Crusi-Bix" somehow. And it stuck... so voila! There's the reason for this.

Wonder if Sanitarium will start making it? *teehee*
Pinched this one from Kristin , 'cos I was bored :)

[A is for age]:
[B is for booze of choice]:
My choice is... none.
[C is for career]:
Publishing person
[D is for your dog's name]:
Derek :)
[E is for essential item you use everyday]:
My brain (and sense of humour).
[F is for favorite song at the moment]:
Rosenrot by Rammstein
[G is for favorite games]:
Oooh, Bubble Ducky!!! I've got it on my phone and it's so cute. Although I'm tending more toward Ducky's Jewels these days, because it's a bit more entertaining. And makes amusing noises.
[H is for Hometown]:
Back in the Barossa Valley.
[I is for instruments you play]:
Piano, recorder (but then all school kids learn the recorder).
[J is for favorite flavor of juice]:
Orange juice. But with the pulp. Not that strained stuff...
[K is for kids]:
None at the moment, maybe one day.
[L is for last hug]:
Good question... not sure?
[M is for marriage]:
Nope, haven't done that yet either.
[N is for name of your crush]:
*insert girlish giggling*
[O is for overnight hospital stays]:
A whole lot, not sure how many times.
[P is for phobias]:
[Q is for quote]:
I am not on drugs, I am drugs ~ Salvador Dali
[R is for biggest regret]:
I have a few, but they're not anything big.
[S is for State]:
[T is for time you wake up]:
During the week, about 6.25. During the weekends, rather later.
[U is for underwear]:
Yes, they're great things!
[V is for vegetable you love]:
Zucchini, tomato, butter beans, pumpkin, asparagus, umm... most are fantastic :)
[W is for worst habit]:
[X is for x-rays you've had]:
Wrists, upper left arm, ankles, teeth...
[Y is for yummy food you make]:
Banana and raspberry/blueberry bread. It's totally fail-safe and always so good :)
[Z is for zodiac sign]:

I don't want a holiday in the sun...

It's amusing in a kind of scary way that anti-terrorism dobbing-in gets to this level:

A man reported to the British anti-terrorism squad for singing along to punk music.

Oh yeah, he also happened to be Asian and have a Muslim-sounding name, but you'd really hope that racism and discrimination had nothing to do with it... but then who knows these days when discrimination of all kinds seems to be almost socially acceptable.


Must remember to not sing Friggin' in the Riggin' by the Sex Pistols too loudly. Or anything by the Buzzcocks. Or the Misfits, the Slits, Siouxsie and the Banshees, etc.

I mean, you can't be too careful *lmfao* Anorak has an amusing take on it all here :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rant Mode...


There's one thing that I absolutely hate, and that's guys assuming that they know what you want or like and pushing the issue (like with food, politics, dating, anything) after you clearly say, "No, I don't like that at all."

It's like they think that they can change your mind or that you're joking or that they know better or that women can't make up their minds about things for themselves.

Wonder if they'd get the message if it was expressed thusly, "No, I don't like George Bush/oversharing/mushrooms/neo-cons, and if you continue to annoy me and insist that I really do, I will personally stab you through the eye with a chocolate Easter bunny."


I think mice are rather nice...

There was a mouse in the house.

And I was thinking "Exterminate! Exterminate!" in a kind of Dalek-style voice this morning when I found out about it, so I bought mousetraps today.

Set them when I got home and caught it within about 15 minutes of setting the trap, but it wasn't dead, so I let it go outside (I really wanted it to run off and be free outside and live a long happy mousey life, because I like mice and really hate harming living creatures other than spiders).

Reset the trap, just because...

Another 20 minutes later or so, the trap goes off. It's the little mouse. Except this time the trap got him well and good. Took one look at the poor little mouse and burst into tears.

Poor mouse :(

I'm going to bury him tomorrow :(

England! England! Home!

*ptah, ptah* A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse... And that's enough Robin Hood: Men In Tights for now, because this is really about realising your dreams! Yes! Hurrah! No, not the nightmares...

Discovered this online today.

Apparently the British Council of Australia is offering a few thousand pounds for people who want to get scholarships for doing artystuff over in England with some English artists. And the ad for it all is rather funny in an odd kind of sarcastic grumpy way.

Poms will whinge.

Or if it's being grouchy, go to: SMH's thing of it.

Realise your dream creative scholarships to England... hmmm. Poms will whinge? I don't think Damien Hirst did enough whinging frankly! *teehee* Just being facetious... really, have a look at the video, it's kind of amusing.

The actual serious side of the site is here.

*dreams about England*

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's funny with words how there are some that you absolutely hate, others you don't mind, some you love...

Then there are words that you usually find irritating, but don't mind if certain people use.


Just thinking that because I usually feel militant if someone calls me "girly" (as in, "How's it going girly?"), but there's one person who I know who I really don't mind him calling me that. Mainly because it makes me laugh...

Although laughter with wisdom teeth pain isn't all that much fun. Ironic.

2 found dead in Cyclone Larry's devestation

Habib's Cuban-style interrogation by Tom Allard juxtaposed with Vital lessons in Holocaust memories by David Humphries.

I know when I hear the name Habib, I always think of Fat Pizza and the character on there... But this is something that's a bit more worrying than that. Well, a lot more worrying (ohmoygooowrrd Habibiieee).

It's bad enough that the government is now something to be a lil bit more worried by (alert and alarmed), seeing as they've given themselves extra powers to spy on Australian's e-mails and SMS's (although as some have pointed out, it's unlikely that they'll listen to anything contained in them, seeing as they never listen to the Australian public on any other matter), but the police?

Well, I guess the police have always been a bit of a worry. But they're meant to be the ones helping to protect us from the people who'd do us harm rather than being the ones beating seven kinds of heck out of us, detaining us when we're innocent and stealing from us. And then the totally moronic response from Inspector Gary Buckley from Parramatta police of, "We will investigate and concerns he [Mamdouh Habib] has about the way he was treated."

"Any concerns" makes it sound like, "It was just a routine thing, what's he complaining about anyways? That we didn't send him home with a box of chocolates? What a silly man..."

Personally, I hope Mr Habib does sue. No-one should be treated by the police in that manner. To excuse allegations of that sort of thing and not start your own internal investigation is inexcusable.

As Justice Michael Kirby says, "Every act of discrimination by our Parliament and governments dishonours our nation. We honour the memories recorded in this book [the Holocaust book - read the article above] most worthily when we resolve to respect the freedoms and dignity of all people and to be vigilant for our own."

The same applies to the police force and general citizens.

Some interesting letters about it from today's Sydney Morning Herald:

Alerted and alarmed

Some might think that Michael Kirby's warnings, expressed in "Learn from Holocaust, says Kirby" (April 3), are a little far- fetched but, across the page, the report on Mamdouh Habib's treatment by the NSW police ("Habib's Cuban-style interrogation") suggests otherwise.

We need to be alarmed and alerted by such overkill, and a free press like ours is invaluable, for it enables us scrutinise the actions of our "authorities".
Gerhard Fricke Bundanoon

Nice work,
Herald. The juxtaposition of the Michael Kirby article and the report about the alleged questioning of Mamdouh Habib by our police is a timely reminder of where John Howard has led our country.

Habib has a growing number of strikes against him. Howard declared him guilty of terrorism without trial. He is a Muslim. His wife continues to wear her headscarf despite warnings from the gormless Bronwyn Bishop. Finally he made the mistake of offering information to police about a crime he witnessed. In fact he was acting on our Government's advice to "be alert …".

Now, like the rest of us, he is even more alarmed.
Peter Bennett Nelson Bay
From blog to book, a recipe for success by Owen Gibson

Maybe blogging isn't such a pointless activity after all. Hmm...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lamb Chop!

Oh yes it's Lamb Chop's play-a-long where kids come to I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL WHAT, but I am in PAAAAAAAIN and want to hurt whoever invented wisdom teeth. Or go back to bed. I don't know, it's a toss-up between the two. Plus my face really hurts from smiling/laughing almost constantly for like five hours while talking to a friend yesterday... *rubs jaw*

There's something so much more obvious about pain when it's in your head area than when it's elsewhere. Somehow it just becomes everything that's in your current universe and that's really not a fun thing.

Praise be to the Lord for screamingly hot chai lattes, though. It's helping to soothe the wisdom teeth into submission and making me feel like the world is a better place for it. Oh, they're also warming, which is great on this rather nippy kind of day.

In other thoughts, how amazingly hot are guys who are not only funny, but have work ethic and can cook and do loads of other domestic things? Not that I can't do all of that kind of thing myself, but modern enlightened non-metrosexual men are really mreowr-worthy! Mmmm... chai latte...


Oh, by the way, that pic is one I pulled off some dentistry site that's apparently of some really icky wisdom-teeth inflicted cyst or whatever. Mmmm... dinner-time reading!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ashtray Heart

Although... on second, or perhaps third, thoughts...

Tomorrow could be a day dedicated to Placebo, circa 1998-2000. And doing art, once I get things cleaned up in the house a bit from all of the cooking today. And do something about the front yard of the house at least.

Somehow Friday and today were just days that disappeared into absolutely nothing. I can't believe Saturday is almost over already. It's like somehow time's been condensed and sieved through the weekend.

But Placebo...

Always close to my girlish heart! Their androgenous feel, guys in makeup (something about a guy who can wear mascara/eye-liner... it's perhaps a Rocky Horror thing), heart-rending lyrics, sad but beautiful, amazing sounds, general affection for them... I guess because when my grandfather died, all that I could listen to for about a fortnight was Without You I'm Nothing. Nothing but that. So thank-you Placebo.

My Sweet Prince

Never thought you'd make me perspire

Never thought I'd do you the same
Never thought I'd fill with desire
Never thought I'd feel so ashamed

Me and the dragon can chase all the pain away
So before I end my day

My sweet prince, you are the one
My sweet prince, you are the one

Never thought I'd have to retire
Never thought I'd have to abstain
Never thought all this could back fire
Close up the hole in my vein

Me and my valuable friend
Can fix all the pain away
So before I end my day

My sweet prince
You are the one
My sweet prince
You are the one X5

Never thought I'd get any higher
Never thought you'd fuck with my brain
Never thought all this could expire
Never thought you'd go break the chain

Me and you baby
Still flush all the pain away
So before I end my day

My sweet prince
You are the one
My sweet prince
You are the one X9
My sweet prince
My sweet prince

Saturday, April 01, 2006


What you've done
She's a gun
Now what you've done
Get nothing done
You beetlebum just get numb
Now what you've done

And when she lets me slip away
She turns me on all my violence is gone
Nothing is wrong
I just slip away and I am gone
Nothing is wrong
She turns me on
I just slip away and I am gone

Because you're young
She's a gun
Now what you've done
She'll suck your thumb
She'll make you come
Coz, she's your gun
Now what you've done

And when she lets me slip away
She turns me on all my violence is gone
Nothing is wrong
She turns me on
I just slip away and I'm gone

*sigh* I miss good, interesting, slightly angsty BritPop. I mean, it's not good to cling to the past, but back in the day when we were having Blur and Oasis duelling it out and The Prodigy smacking their bitches up, there was something just right in the world of music. It was kinda nice and mellow and you could spend a whole Sunday listening to it without thinking, "I want to throw this CD from my window!"

So tomorrow is going to be my dedicated BritPop day. I'll get out the Blur, Oasis, The Verve and other stuff like that and see if I still like it just as much as I used to. Sometimes nostalgia isn't all that it's cracked up to be, of course.

Too tired to do anything more than quizes.

Must go to bed...

I hate kinda gross cold weather. Need to remember to order wood for the fire. The cold weather today reminds me of how icky Winter really can be here.
What Your Black Outfit Means

You're a sophisticated woman with big city taste.
You have a strong creative force - even if you don't wear the boldest clothes.
You tend to intimidate people. But the right guy won't be intimidated by you!

Designer match: Dolce & Gabbana

Signature accessory: Gold framed sunglasses
You are Bettie Page

Girl next door with a wild streak
You're a famous beauty - with unique look
And the people like you are cultish about it
Your Inner Muse is Thalia

You are most like this playful muse of comedy.
Life is all about laughter to you, and you're a natural comic.
You make people laugh until their sides split.
And you're always up for some play time!