Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just some random stuff from December/January, seeing as I haven't been posting much lately on the ol' blog.

^ I love my new shelf thing! Dad built it for me when he was down here and it's seriously awesome. Maybe I just haven't been out enough lately and small things are impressing me easily... But really, it's great. The DVDs/CDs were kind of taking over the area where the TV is and now I have shelves to keep them all in order. Provided that I don't buy too many more... ;)

^ Also decided to turn the linnen press door into a wee photo gallery thing. Actually, I might end up doing the same to the rest of the doors. They're all painted in an odd ultra-high-gloss paint, which is perfect for blu-tack.

The thing I find most hilarious is that I've always been puzzled by the doors. They really don't match the house at all (a selling point, no?). And then a few weeks ago before my neighbours moved, Mum found out from them that one of the guys who used to live here laid low (while high) during the day and then at night they'd hear all sorts of crashing and thumping when he was down.

Turns out he had chopped up all the doors, as well as ripping up skirting boards and stuff, to burn because he felt the cold. Or the imaginary cold. Whatever it was, that's why the original doors from the house are no longer.

Although that really, really doesn't explain the enormous random screen door under the house. Which I really must haul out and put out for hard rubbish collection.

But anyway. My house = more interesting than I'd thought it was. And that's not all. There were a whole lot of other cracked-out people who lived here. Which you can just see increasing the value of the house as I type, can't you. But it's been under "normal" ownership for quite a while now. Still, life is never dull.

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