Sunday, February 01, 2009

Seven weeks

Ugh... Still so ridiculously hot.

Although not as bad as it has been.

Still unimpressed by heatwaves. I cannot wait for Winter.

Today's the seventh week of having a broken leg. Mum left this morning to head back home after being here for nearly seven weeks. It was so good having her here to look after me :)

Still can't walk properly (or without a camwalker), but the physio thinks things are going well. So it's progressing. Slowly. That said, he was a torture master on Friday. Managed to resist screaming and didn't rip shreds in the table thing with my nails, but there were a couple moments where it was close.

However, after a while, it does get to the point where the endorphins kick in and it's actually not so bad. Lying on the table with the physio wrangling with my ankle, I thought of the torture section of Casino Royale (the book, not the movie, mainly because the movie ended up infuriating me). Random.

In short: leg still sore, weather still hot.

But I have corn chips :D

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