Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting ditched* via email c'est le suck.

And Milo is not that comforting.

Even by the spoonful.

But here's something about the 2008 Turner Prize that I found interesting. Apparently art-snarking is enough to console me.

It's still why I want to film setting a couch on fire, pelting it with custard and then jumping up and down on the scorched remains. That's sure to get some kind of government grant. And as for the reason for its existence, well, make something up. And the more it sounds like existential bollocks, the better.

*Well, kinda, sorta, mostly, not sure.


Perseus said...

'Ditched' as in 'dumped'? By a man? Do you want me to beat him up for you?


After the Revolution* when I am made Arts Chairman President Minister Dictator-for-life, the only people that will win art prizes are people who do 'art'. Anybody using the words 'installation' or 'mixed media' will not only be excluded from art prizes, they may be prosecuted and/or shot.

*Any revolution... I'm not fussed.

Della said...

Ditched as in dumped, yes. I think I'll recover from him quickly enough, though.

As for your post-revolution Arts Chairman President Minister Dictator for life plans, I think you're my hero.


Perseus said...

You're lucky I won't be going for the Supreme Revolutionary Leader position. The churches would be turned into housing / art galleries / sports centres faster than you can say 'modernity'. Then I'd no longer be your hero.


Seriously, I'll beat him up for you. Dumping by email is weak as.

Della said...

I know, I was thinking I should add a clause to that hero thing in the millisecond it took to press the publish button *lol*

Don't worry about the beating up thing, as much as the idea has cathartic appeal. I've consoled myself with the fact that at least it wasn't being dumped via SMS.