Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random recent conversation

"Girls don't like scars," he tells me, referring to the scars he owns. Not that I'd actually really noticed them.

I think about it for a while and then say, "I think they can be kind of hot. Maybe they make people look more interesting or something like that."


There's a pause.

"How did you get that scar on your back?" he asks.

"I fell in the shower when I was 12 or so," I reply. "When it happened, I could put my whole hand into my back under the skin. Blood everywhere. It took 17 stitches to close it up. But it's all good. The scar's a lot smaller than it used to be, really."

"It's still pretty f*****g huge," is all he says.

I like the scar on my back.


kris said...

how did he manage to see the scare on your back? were you clothed during this conversation???

Della said...

Yes, I was clothed during the conversation. It was actually over the phone, too.

I think he saw it when I was pulling off a jumper and accidentally pulled up my t-shirt as well. Either that or he's been out with binoculars near my house.

SugarPuff said...

yeah, I was wondering this too...

I'm going with the binoculars theory myself.

Your whole hand, by the way, Wow.

Della said...

The binoculars theory isn't really the most comforting... Kind of makes me think of those odd phonecalls from last year.

Whole hand, yes. It was pretty gross. I'm just glad I couldn't see the cut when it happened, seeing how it made my Mum, Dad and doctor woozy.

Brandon said...

Wow, you learn interesting things about your friends all the time! I had no idea...

Almost makes me wish I had a huge battle scar. Almost.

Della said...

Life's full of surprises *lol*

And huge battle scars are okay, but getting them usually involves a fair amount of pain. And that's not usually a good thing. Still, they can end up being "stories to tell the future generations and make them squirm..."