Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The reviews about Embedded with Sheik Hilaly saying it's like shooting fish in a barrel is basically correct. But here I am, watching it anyway. Mainly because The Bill repeat is on late on ABC2 tonight and I need something to distract me before I gaze adoringly at hot British blokes. In police uniforms.


It's interesting enough. And a little bizarre, especially with delving further into the "uncovered meat" thing, which seems more like getting out a spade and digging the hole a bit deeper. Mostly with that exchange, I wished Keyser Trad would shush. Regardless, it still sounded ridiculous.

I don't think this documentary did anyone any favours and perhaps SBS could have done better. I mean, we had Salam Cafe, which was excellent and I think it made Muslim-related practices and beliefs a little more accessible to the general public. Perhaps it seems so much better than the doco because it's more fluid. Embedded seemed more like a bunch of things thrown together and didn't gel too well.

Anyway. I hear Newstopia's returning soon, so that's something to look forward to.

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