Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am in lust with this.

Why must it be in Germany!?

In other thoughts, this site dedicated to the work of Verner Panton is really fascinating. And kind of kitsch, but in a wonderful way.

Obviously I have a schitzophrenic approach to interior decoration, considering the ultra-sleek prefab modernism and then the 60s/70s glorious horror. And how my house in no way currently represents either of them, but a total jumble of styles.

Reminds me to finish painting, actually.


Ben said...

On the show Grand Designs there was a couple who brought one of these custom pre-fab houses. The Germans went from factory to full house just a week or so. And the place looked really good.
Here is a link to the house:

Della said...

I have a mild addiction to Grand Designs... That house was great.

Did you see on the news a couple weeks ago that the husband of the couple who'd bought that run-down castle in Tuscany died? The castle's now on the market, if you've got a few million to spare.