Friday, September 26, 2008

Brains, balls and books

This week has been brain frazzling.

And I had intended to write some more serious/thoughtful things on my blog.

As well as the strange thing of being hit with a billiard ball AND a bouncy ball in the foot while shopping on Tuesday and today. What does such a thing mean? Shopping is balls? Who knows. Seriously, who goes around supermarkets/shops aiming balls at people anyway?

Victoria, you are full of freaks!

And that's why I think I enjoy this State.

^ The billiard ball. Strange...

I think I was going to write something about early-Christmas rage, too. Saw Santa teddybears in the shop on Tuesday night and was horrified (also felt an intense desire to stuff one in the freezer cabinets with the ice-cream). They had Christmas trees and tinsel and so on in stores I was at today, though. Tinsel's a whole other matter, though. That doesn't induce early-Christmas rage, probably because it's shiny and so much fun in an utterly impractical way (ie: "The world's on the brink of recession. But look at the tinsel shine!").

^ The offending bear. And no, I didn't do that to it.

Apart from all of that, The Count of Monte Cristo has been absorbing all of my spare time. Again. And it means I've been going to bed late, as well. Somehow it's an enormously enjoyable read and although it's 11pm, you think, "Oh... Just one more chapter before I turn the light off can't hurt." And then one more chapter has become a whole lot more and it's 11.45pm and you've got to be up for work in six-and-a-half hours.

Tempted to go read more of it now...

My excuse can be that I've got seven completely new and unread books on my bedside table and the sooner I finish The Count, the sooner I can move on to them. Not like I'm going to say I should just stop buying books for the time being, is it?

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