Friday, September 19, 2008

Went to the NGV Ian Potter Centre to see the New Perspectives on the Contemporary Collection before it closes. It was somehow less exciting than I thought it would be. Maybe because a lot of contemporary art is underwhelming.

No, I will go further than that (perhaps because I'm extremely tired). A lot of contemporary art is a flaming pile of bollocks.

But the great thing was the Klippel/Klippel: Opus 2008 exhibit.

A little old Indian security guard guy showed me around the exhibit and was rather helpful and full of information in general. I loved how tiny and delicate the majority of Klippel's sculptures were. But the best thing was the use of lighting. The first room was really rather dark, with the second being blindingly white when you enter it. When your eyes adjust, there's another lot of minature sculptures, all rather mechanical.

Not so fussed on the sculptures, but I loved the lighting.

And the stark white room. It was almost oppressive, somewhat embracing but alienating and I would love to know what it would be like without the boxes of sculptures in it. Sort of sensory deprivatory, perhaps, which has a strange appeal.

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