Monday, September 08, 2008

There comes a strange moment in a relationship when you realise that someone sees you in a very different (and rather inaccurate) fashion, compared to the way you actually are. It's their fantasy version of you who's far more interesting than the real you. And they're so sure that their version of you is the real one that no matter what you say to the contrary, they think you're being cute/a liar/a cute liar.

Which is awkward.

And kind of sad when you realise just how dull you are...


I have tonsillitis. Lucky me! Just when I started feeling better on Thursday and was thinking, "Ah, finally this 'flu is gone!" I woke up on Friday with an uber-sore throat. By Saturday, swallowing was agony. By Sunday, I'd made quite a lot of jelly. Jelly's really nice, but not for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Went to the doctor today to see if there was anything I should be doing about it, but the only thing I really should have done was stay at work. Doctor said whatever I was doing was working and they looked like they were getting better. Hurrah for Betadine concentrated sore throat gargle. The doctor also said it's not something to really worry about when it comes to sharing it, as it's inside the mouth. I just said, "Ah, so no tongues then." He laughed.

See? This is how exciting my life really is.


kris said...

well, i know the real you is way more interesting than my fantasy version of you. fantasy Adele has no interesting diseases, nor any liaisons with doctors. go real adele!

Della said...

Yay, the excitement!

I wish the real me had no interesting diseases, though. This tonsillitis thing is completely overrated. And I'm getting really tired of jelly!

kris said...

on the plus side, ingested jelly is much better for you than the jelly fantasy adele uses. (not that MY fantasy adele uses jelly at all...but SOMEONE's fantasy adele might have uses for it that don't involve intentional ingestion)

Della said...

This is going to disturbing places... How sad we live so far apart now days! Maybe it makes the world a safer place.