Saturday, September 27, 2008

There will be blood oranges

^ Love blood oranges.

They have a potential to look somewhat gruesome, but they're delicious.

When I turned my camera on to take pix of the one I cut in half this morning, something odd was going on. It looked almost like condensation was on the lense, so I cleaned the external lense bit and it wasn't any better. Started to freak out because the camera's just a basic one, not a DSLR where I could get into it a bit more. This one is unable to be dismantled. What if it was broken forever?! What would I do without my camera?!?!?

So I dug around in the bathroom cabinet for the thing I never, ever use - my hairdryer.

Switched it on to fan only and wafted it over the camera. It worked! So who knows what had happened, but I'm so glad things are okay now. Without my camera, I would have ended up curled into a ball, staring at the wall.

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