Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yeah... No.

Thank God we've moved away from the early-90s flannel/lumberjack kind of items on offer over Winter and Spring/Summer's looking a bit more 70s. This led me to say to a friend yesterday that the early 90s were almost worse than the 80s for fashion. My reasoning was that the designer stuff was really conceptual, angular and interesting.

I'm thinking of taking that all back now.

That's mostly thanks to Sam Sparro and Wiley with some truly horrifying 80s-inspired clips. They feature all of the worst of the 80s, all mashed together in two vids of wrongness. That sort of thing should be left back in the 80s, hidden from memory unless you open a family photo album. So I hope they get smothered with happy pants and mullets.

I want Madonna's boots from Give it to me, though.

And I can hear my neighbour shouting at the grand final footy in his lounge room from here in my lounge room.

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