Saturday, September 27, 2008

(Almost) Domestic Goddess

^ Hoping this chocolate, raspberry and cherry tart tastes okay. I made it for dinner tonight, having never made anything like it before. Had a whole lot of the chocolate stuff left over, so I cooked it in ramekins and it's sort of pudding-like. Interesting at least.

Also whipped up potato dauphinoise and will roast some pumpkin, steam asparagus and make a salad. So domestic.

Update: Chocolate tart was... Err... Delicious. Except the pastry was chewy! And nigh on impossible to cut through with a spoon. Not sure that even a chainsaw would have worked on it. So I'm not totally sure what happened with it. It was crispy-luscious when it came out of the oven, but such is life.

But the dauphinoise and pumpkin and everything else was sooooo good. Next time around, I'll just have to do something different when it comes to the chocolate tart. Perhaps make it separately, like a marquise or something. Considering how ridiculously simple and luscious the chocolate/berry part is, it's a keeper.

Now thinking of retiring with The Count.

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