Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Clare and I had a White Trash Day on Sunday, which involved dressing up in trashy clothing, visiting Supre (amongst other stores) and going to Hungry Jacks. It's all part of a tradition that stems from uni and White Trash Days there, which also involved Supre. And cowboy hats. Although this time, I wore cowboy boots.


We started the day at Hungry Jacks at around 10.30. There, we saw teen guys in trackpants that were slung waaaaaay too low, revealing crack. That was something that put me off my meal. And then on the way out, two other teen guys said, "Hello ladies!" at us, with suggestive eyebrow waggling. Which reduced us to fits of laughter, particularly when we got honked at by a car driven by two guys with a backseat full of children.

From there, it was shopping, which was more frightening than trashy, mainly due to the way in which Supre seems to have far less leopard print and sequins than they did a few years ago when I was in uni, and way more leggings and snap-crotch leotards. I may or may not have screamed when I saw the snap-crotch leotards and leapt backwards, nearly bumping into a shop assistant.

And then, we saw this car.

The driver of it was sitting in the car, pushing the button on the traffic lights. A little odd...

But a fun day, on the whole.


becky said...

completely odd day. rockin.

yep, in uni we had goth night...which looked a lot like 80s gone wanna be rockers...

Della said...

You have to have odd days now and then to make up for the dull ones, I think :)

A goth night would be a bit random! It reminds me, I once saw a huge Islander guy dressed as a goth standing on a train platform on the way into the city once. It was an unusual combo - don't know many Islander goths.

Anyway! You should do a goth day ;) :D