Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I saw big display for the new Vegemite in Safeway the other day.

That's definitely never, ever going to enter my trolley, let alone my house or my mouth, based purely on the way it looks. And that's before I even start thinking about Vegemite mixed with cream cheese, which sounds vile.

As my oldest, favourite-est friend Amy says, if they remove normal Vegemite from sale, they can go fornicate themselves with an iron stick.

I rather love normal Vegemite. Not only is it tasty, it amuses me.

When a friend from Germany was visiting years ago, he wanted to try it, as he'd heard about it. We bought a small bottle of it and, in spite of all my warnings and attempting to physically stop him, he smeared an entire teaspoon full of Vegetmite on a slice of bread. The expressions that crossed his face after he took a big bite of it made me wish I had a camera at that time.


Anonymous said...

Vegemite is putrid and there is no way that it can be made better. YUK! Fancy putting that stuff in your mouth (or anywhere else for that matter). NO wonder people from overseas think Aussies are strange.

Della said...

I guess Australians are a little strange. But it's no worse than Promite/Marmite! :)

Lee Clarke said...

I saw the strange stuff, it weirded me out. I would probably try it though.

By the way Anonymous: I think you are over reacting slightly seeing as it just a spread.