Friday, July 24, 2009


Today was entirely consumed by painting.

And not fun painting, but painting the bedroom to finish off the work I'd started ages ago with it. Ended up having to triple-coat the walls just to get them looking white enough (thanks to that purple it used to be - really that kid who came around collecting for charity and said his mum and dad had "done the place up" was lucky I didn't slam the door in his face).

And there's still the laundry and spare room to paint, as well as the hallway to finish off. But at least then the house will be closer to being ready for sale. Not all that impressed about having to sell the house, but at least it will look nice once I've finished getting it ready. Trying to not be at all bitter about that.

Not totally working, though.

But at least the bedroom's done. The whole painting for six hours or more after moving furniture around is really exhausting. It's surprising how tired and sore just rolling the paint roller around the walls is when you're not used to it. Times that by three because I had to triple coat the walls... And all that climbing up the ladder with my sore ankle stuff.

Bedroom looks fantastic, though!

Even though I spent the day wearing The Painting Caftan, which is the most hideous caftan this side of the 1970s (as well as the other side of the 1970s).

Update: A photo of the new, improved, less Soviet paintjob!


Kel said...

wow, the place will look twice the size with such white walls!

having done a lot of painting late last year, I can relate to the sore stuff...

Della said...

It makes SUCH a difference painted white - particularly the lounge/dining/kitchen area.

Just glad I don't have a house the size of Anamrae to paint by myself ;) You guys did a fantastic job with it.