Friday, July 31, 2009

He's just a devil kitty/with evil on his mind

Currently, I'm doing some dogsitting for some people I know. They've got a little, white, fluffy dog who is rather quiet. Apart from when she sees any other dog, in which case she goes nuts and tries to fling herself at them like she wants to eat them (even when the other dogs are approximately 17 times her size, like this morning when we were out for a walk and she tried to leap into a car with three very large dogs in the back and was deeply disappointed when her harness and leash foiled that plan).

When it comes to cats, she seems to not be quite so sure of herself.

And that's particularly relevant to Devil Kitty, who spent most of the afternoon looking like he was planning very intently to murder her and dispose of the body in the river. He spent about two hours sitting on the table, glaring down at the dog, never taking his eyes from her and growling like a cut-price panther whenever she got too close.

The little, white, fluffy dog was rather intimidated by this, although she really did want to make an effort to be friendly. The cat was unmoved. Apart from when he switched positions to lurk on the chairs for more up-close-and-personal growling.

He does seem to be a little calmer about now, and not just because he's asleep. It only took about six hours for him to get vaguely used to the dog. He's curled up asleep on the couch about a metre away from the dog, who's curled up, sleeping in her doggybed.

So far, no murder. It's a good start.

The cat's just been very obvious about his, "MY house, MY human, MINE! You, doggy, are unwelcome and not mine!" approach to the dog about me and the house, though, which isn't all that friendly of him.

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