Monday, July 20, 2009

^ Had friends down on the weekend and we did a bit of touristy stuff in Melbourne - mainly looking around the streets, viewing graffiti, crowds of generally polite people (I think the stabby ones come out after dark...), enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and looking at a Falun Gong protest that involved a gallows and hung dummy.

On reflection, I should have taken photos of that.


Another Disney Princess said...

I got a couple of the protest, but have not loaded them onto my computer yet to see if they are any good, considering i was drinking starbucks with one hand and trying not to be dive bombed by the evil seagulls i have little hope they are not ranndom blurs of fear.

Della said...

If they are, that could be awesome in its own way. The seagulls are really aggressive. At least they didn't attack you for chips - that was kinda surprising!