Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Electro... clash?

I'm more or less like a magpie when it comes to things that are bright, shiny and new. Particularly if it's combined with things I already like or feel that life would be enhanced by having (such as a pack of chewing gum or a big, shiny rocket ship).

Last night, I found these in Safeway in between cape capers. They're part of a Wrigley's series of chewing gums that go by the name of "5." They were with the other varieties of chewing gum and cough lollies and so on and don't really come packaged in a way that will automatically make you think they belong there...

The packaging told me that it's gum that's Made in China. I bought it anyway, hoping it would be like Wrigley's Doublemint. Oh how I love and adore Doublemint. It's the perfect combination of... well... mints.

But back to the topic at hand - Electro gum!

When I got home, I tried some. It certainly tastes like Made in China. Possibly from formaldehyde-flavoured formaldehyde.

But the packaging is shiny and rather nice, and I do like the individually-wrapped, environment-killing, resource-wasting, sticks of gum.

The flavour, though? The flavour is full of BLEH. This is one chewing gum that I definitely won't be buying again, regardless of shiny packaging or the verdant green of the foil wrappings or even its name. Then again, who really calls gum "Electro"?

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