Monday, July 20, 2009

^ Random Melbourne night photos.

On Thursday, I got back in to Melbourne rather late. And it was really nice to be back! Although it was freezing. When I disembarked via the rear stairs after a flight that seemed far longer than it actually was (thanks to shouty/whiny/screamy child behind me whose parents just needed to provide it with a little discipline so that the rest of the passengers didn't feel the overwhelming urge to turn on them with inflight magazines), it was like stepping into a freezer.

But I like that. It's nice when things feel really winter-like.

Yet it didn't snow! We'd been hoping it would snow at some point, but the weather persisted fine and pleasant. Not the kind of weather one should turn on for visitors in winter when they want copious amounts of snow... Although I did make skull and cross-bone ice cubes.

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