Thursday, August 31, 2006

Holy spider terror, Batman!

Along with raisins, I hate huntsman spiders. And there was a MASSIVE one on the bathroom window last night (huntsman, not raisins, just to clear that one up before you start thinking about grapes the size of the "personal watermelons" appearing in shops near you).

Wandered into the bathroom, was about to flick on the light, looked at the window and there was a sort of odd shadow on it, with the light shining through the window from the neighbour's security light thing. A spider-shaped shadow. A very BIG spider-shaped shadow.

But then it was all good because I realised that the thing was on the outside, not the inside, of the window. That led me to the bravery of putting my hand up on the window to compare the spider to my hand size (about 19 centimetres from thumb to little finger, 17 from palm to middle fingertip).

The spider was bigger than that *shudder*

I'm so very, very glad that it wasn't inside. Had a few very large huntsmans inside last year and there's nothing like the heart-pounding terror of knowing that you have to kill it in one go because otherwise it'll run off somewhere or jump at you.


Ben said...

You live in a country with most of the deadliest animals in the world and you are afraid of a huntsman? Sure, they may be big but if they are not deadly then why be afraid. It's like being scared of Scotsmen, they may be frightening to look at but if you leave then alone then you'll be fine.

Della said...

So are you saying Scotsmen are related to hunstmen due to the largeness and hairiness..?

And yes, huntsman spiders do scare me, but mainly due to their speed. Not a big fan of snakes, either, but they don't tend to come inside that often to hide behind the curtains!