Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well that sucks!

Today is annoying! To the power of about a billion...


I'm meant to be going back to Adelaide for a conference in a week or two. Been trying to get more information on where we're meant to be staying, etc etc for a week or so now, but people have been out of the office, haven't known what the conference was about, blah blah.

Finally managed to get some info out of a person on Friday (thank God). Things looked to be improving! So today I rang the place where I'm meant to be staying for this conference and they knew nothing about it. Maybe not improving after all... hmm...

It's really frustrating. No-one from the conference organising thing is around - always out of the office or whatever - and seeing as the date is fast approaching, I think I'm just going to get in contact with a few friends in SA and see if I can stay with them. Better than having to find a cardboard box, really.

Hopefully will be able to get something resolved this afternoon, when the people are meant to be back in the office. Fingers crossed. I mean, it probably won't be difficult to solve. Just a matter of getting the information all sorted out and hoping that it falls into place.


Kaisa said...

Poor little Deli. Hugs for you.

Della said...

*throws Tim Tams around*

It's all sorted out now :D