Thursday, August 17, 2006

I should have written it earlier, but my brain's been otherwise engaged.

What I should have written was that I had a fantastic time in SA!!! :D

It'd be great to be back there again, particularly because the Central Markets are just so fantastic ;) And it was awesome getting to catch up with friends again from high school... Of course! I even met up with one of my friends I haven't seen for about five years! Yay! And saw baby photos of another friend's baby. Very cute.

Spent Saturday morning with Amy wandering around and then getting sprayed with a funky Asian softdrink (accidentally... frigging funny, though) and then meeting up for lunch with other friends. Was great to see them all :D Although I forgot to pack Amy's pressies (as well as one shoe from a pair) (suffice to say my mind wasn't on packing on Thursday night), so I'll have to post them.

Also stayed with Kim and Steve, who are loads of fun. Hired DVDs, ate pizza, talked for hours on end, ripped apart History of Violence for it's total lack of ending when it should have to make the strongest point possible, enjoyed V for Vendetta (while pushing, "Vendetta! Vendetta! Vendetta for mi pappa!" out of one's mind).

Plus how gorgeous is the new Adelaide airport?!?!? Absolutely love it! It was fantastic to come back to Melbourne and have that looking like the cattle-market airport rather than the way that Adelaide always used to. Not that I'm biased in favour of South Australia, of course ;)

My God, I would so move back there :)

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