Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vamos, vamos, mi amor

Wow. How things change in such small amounts of time...

Chatting to a friend on MSN who's serving in Afghanistan at the moment and he mentioned someone he was seeing who wasn't his fiance and I'm like, "Errm, wait... What happened?" and it turns out he and the fiance broke up a while ago. Kinda surprising, but then not when he talked more about it.

Relationships are so fragile sometimes and it doesn't take much to shatter them past the point of repair. But then maybe sometimes that happens for a reason or whatever - I guess each of us will have experienced relationships that have been far from healthy in our lifetime (unfortunately).

But then it sucks when it's a good relationship and you stuff up and make a mistake or freak out because of life just happening and that's the end of it all *insert dismissive, puzzled wave of the hands* Meh. Guess there are lessons to be learned from that sort of thing too, even if it's just about your own stupidity.


xtc_rush said...

quote : *insert dismissive, puzzled wave of the hands*

perhaps its that very dismissive manner which leads any close friendship to a final and all too quick conclusion ?

Della said...

Mmm... perhaps that manner is more related to knowing that you can't fight to make something work even if you want to?

Others and their desires need to be respected, even if it means that the "conclusion" remains.