Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ooooh, it's the career woman! Tremble in fear!

There was an interesting thing on today's Sydney Morning Herald blog, The Anvil, about a guy called Michael Noer who wrote an article telling men not to marry career women.

The original article, published in Forbes, says that women who have careers will be more likely to cheat on their partners, more likely to get divorced and less likely to want to have children. Because apparently even "feminists" want their man to be the breadwinner. Her being smarter and goal-focused will make her unhappy with her hubby.

Ooooooh biscuits!

Forbes later republished the original article and its rebuttal. BlondeSense also has a good response to it :)

But I still say ooooooooh biscuits! I mean, really... Really! Is there anything that you can say to that sort of thing?

Well, maybe, "That's just a wee bit bonkers, Mikey. Maybe it's time you had a bex and a lie down, even though you did manage to say at the end of your article that marriage is also associated with a higher income, a longer, healthier life and better-adjusted kids."

I guess I'm still stunned at the number of men out there who seem to be freaked out by women who want to do well in their jobs and life in general. Plus wouldn't divorce seem more appealing if your husband has regressive attitudes like that?

Why is it that women are still being berated for making choices to be a "career woman"? Is there really something so dreadful about women having a job and an income that will see the apocalypse fast-forward to tomorrow and the family unit implode? Or are there still some men out there who think women are incapable of making their own decisions?


kris said...

of course it is dangerous for a woman to want a career! if she has a career it means that she is less likely to make a big gormet dinner for her man when he gets home. It also means she is less likely to feel like rubbing his feet and bringing the tv remote to him.

You see why career women are evil?!

Della said...

*gasp of horror*

Oh no! I never thought of it like that! :( I should be bringing a man his slippers at the end of the day instead of enjoying my work. I see the error of my ways...


kris said...

you see adele, us women find our sole worth in pleasing men. This is why, if we do chose to work, we would be better suited for the sex workers industry.

Della said...

Never thought of it that way.

Thankfully! :)