Thursday, August 24, 2006

If you're not famous at 14, you're finished...

Thinking on the "whatever happened to Aussie TV" thought that I had in the blog below, on my flight to Adelaide, the Dino guy from this year's Big Brother was on the flight.

Don't think anyone other than a couple of people recognised him. And then the funniest thing was that when we were getting off the 'plane at the end of the flight, he was b!tching to the flight attendants (who were looking appropriately sympathetically sychophantic) about how awful it is being a celebrity and how absolutely everyone recognises him because he's famous, etc.

Made me giggle a bit, though, because I don't think "absolutely everyone" had a clue who he was. Ah well, guess it makes him happy! And in the end (no pun intended for those who know that TISM song ;), that's probably the important thing :)

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