Monday, August 21, 2006

Ugh... hate feeling sick at work!

Just want bed, a wheat pack to put on my neck (mmm, warmth) and lots of sleep. For hours on end. Or maybe get the fire lit, grab loads of blankets and cushions and curl up in front of it.

But here I sit in front of the computer. And as I said before, I hate feeling sick at work.


xtc_rush said...

called in sick from work yesterday too

hope your feeling better

Della said...

Aww... hope you're not too unwell? And that you're much better now :) *hugs*

And yup, I'm feeling better ~ amazing what going to bed right after Top Gear can do (gotta feed the car show thing addiction!).

ansell said...

mmm... thats just not cricket!!

being sick at work should be banned, no??

...... have the maximal amount of fun possible under the extraneous circumstances!

Della said...

Hey Peter! Yes, totally agree it should be banned. But I'm better now and having fun (or as much fun as you have at work while doing work).

You should write more on your blog! :)