Thursday, August 31, 2006

One of our family friends dropped dead on Tuesday, apparently while he was over working at a neighbour's place. They popped out to do something, came back and there he was, dead.

It was one of those really surprising things to hear from one's Mum via SMS (I can't believe how hardly anyone I know (myself included) rings to share info any more - it's so SMSy - whether it ranges from "I'm going to the shops" to "The dog's been neutered" to "Aunt Mavis died and incidentally her house burnt down," but going off on a tangent there...). He was still pretty young and healthy and everything.

I mean, you know people aren't going to live forever, but it sucks when they die early or young or without a chance to say goodbye. But then it sucks equally when you still have the time to say goodbye and whatnot. One of our other family friends is currently dying of cancer and it's so not nice.

Plus is it just me, or do people or things sort of die in batches? (for want of a better word) (and no, now's not the time to cue jokes about serial killing, 'k?) Just kinda seems like all of these bad things happen in huge clumps and you're just getting over one thing when *whack* along comes another.

Guess it's why chocolate was invented.


Kaisa said...

Aww that is bad news to be sms'd. Is it close enough you will be going in black for a month and taking time off work? (I so wanna do that some day)

Yes they do die in batches. I think the grim reaper gets bored and sort pulls a handle full of names out of a hat and goes and collects.

Della said...

Hmm, I'd say yes, except I almost always wear black. And I'd say that's a Melbourne thing, except I did that for years before moving to Vic.

Anyways you might be onto something there with the Grim Reaper idea. Dammit.

Kaisa said...

Just think somewhere on a little slip of paper your name is in that hat too.

So are you going to the funeral and all that 2?