Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Surprises never end!

I don't generally like the Sam and the City blog on SMH, but today's topic was kind of interesting.

And this reply to today's SatC blog is the BEST post ever, and thus MUST be quoted, because really, it's about time more people were saying it! :)

Alright, this is where I draw the proverbial line! I want to extinguish this resounding belief that residual Paleolithic behaviour is responsible for the way men are. Men cheat because it's a caveman thing. Men chase because it's a caveman thing. Men earn more, get more laughs, are smarter, faster, savvier's a caveman thing. Geneticists have mapped the human genome and nowhere in their research is there conclusive evidence, or indeed any evidence for that matter, that suggests certain aspects of generalised male behaviour can be attributed to biology. And why does it seem so selective? The "caveman" theory only seems prevalent when used as an excuse for justifying anti-social behaviour or shirking social responsibility. What happened to evolution? Oh yeah, we're smart enough to grow skin cells on a microchip, we no longer need our wisdom teeth or our appendix, we can count and write and read and trade but when it comes to the dynamics of a relationship,'s a caveman thing.

Can I insert my grunt of discontent here?

Posted by: Foxy Voxy at August 29, 2006 11:59 PM

Why is it the best? Because hopefully that would see the end to the whole darn thing and make them shut up, get over it all and move on. Also, they now have more than 30 blogs on the SMH site. It'll be a fine day when the entire population of Australia has one each...

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