Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Little Pony vs The Godfather


It's starting to get really annoying with the people who regularly ignore deadlines totally. There's one day left before the mag I'm working on is meant to be down to pre-press and yet nothing has come through from two writers.

So maybe it's time to lop the heads off of some My Little Ponies and send them to the writers, Godfather-style (jk!) ;)

I dunno, this sort of thing is just so frustrating, and not just to me, but lots of people who have to work with the mag, etc. Deadlines exist for a reason and it's not just for a whim. If you agree to do something and a time to do it in, it really isn't that hard to manage it. Unless your arms have both fallen off. And your mouth isn't working and you can't use your toes to dial the phone and call and explain why there'll be no deadlines met, with appropriate sobs.

In other thoughts, dried blueberries are AMAZING! :D


Kel said...

been there done that
i understand . . .
its moments like these that a Lindt my little pony might work - for you - not the tardy writers

Della said...

Hmm... so maybe there's something to the idea of having a secret Lindt stash at work! :)